Semi Final Cape Town Tickets

According to the website there could be tickets available for the semi final game between Argentina and Germany.

There live ticket table ( shows that tickets are currently not available which normally means they are waiting to be released from organisations and corporate/government who will declare they do not require them – this could mean there are only a few hundred to go on sale to the public.

In order to stand a chance for these tickets you should be outside one of the official ticket offices now! There are stories of people waiting in Cape Town for two or three days for the last 16 match between Spain and Portugal.

Of course the other alternative is to be at the Waterfront in Cape Town next Saturday and enjoy the atmosphere, a few beers and the game – thats where I will be 🙂

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One Response to “Semi Final Cape Town Tickets”

  1. RankPay Says:

    Good stuff. Agree on your analysis. My take is that in trying to provide a predictable and stable platform, Dunga became a victim of the foundation on which the team was build on. He got his counter attacks and set pieces all worked out but when the unpredictable happened-an own goal by melo, the entire team collapsed because they didnt rehearse for that. Plus everyone else playing Brazil knew their roster and where to attack the weak link. Dunga’s refusal to inject new players which would add motivation and an element of surprise to his setup. I have mentioned before abt the LW position and I still cant understand why players who were playing regular leftback for the Spainish champs and runner up Maxwell and Marcelo couldnt get a look in. I admire alves alot for his work rate and motivation but blending him with Maicon was a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Of course the unfortunate thing was that the 2 midfielders who could add some creativity could not play – ramires and elano. Well, lets wait another 4 years….Germany is meanwhile teaching everyone else what some risk taking on young blood coupled with detailed planning can do. Incredible how they ran circles round Argentinian defense.

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