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Cape Town World Cup Safety

May 19, 2010

Alot of people traveling to South Africa and Cape Town for the world cup are worried about crime and being safe. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a safe enjoyable stay during the World Cup, most of the tips will be Cape Town focused but are applicable for the whole of South Africa.

  • Ensure that when driving you have a current road map book
  • Ensure you know the number of a tow service if you break down or are involved in an accident
  • Ensure you have enough petrol to complete your journey safely
  • If you are out late at night in an area that you are not familiar with be vigilant coming to and from your car/transport
  • Try not leave your camera hanging around your neck for too long – if you wont be using it for a while put it away in its protective case
  • If you are approached by a street beggar or a street seller and you do not wish to give money then politely say no and wave them on – if they persist then say no a little firmer, that usually does the trick
  • Do not travel into townships unless it is part of a guided tour with a reputable company
  • Never travel with more money than is necessary – leave all unneeded valuables in your hotel safe
  • When at cash points do not let anyone else ‘help’ you – be vigilant of people behind and around you
  • At traffic lights be vigilant of cars around you and people at the side of the roads
  • When traveling to and from World Cup games in Cape Town only use official transport and get out of the car/taxi/bus at designated stops

Emergency Numbers;

  • Any Emergency – from Telkom landline 107
  • Any Emergency – from Cellphone 112
  • Ambulance 10177
  • Automobile Association Rescue 080 001 0101
  • Fire – Residential & Mountain 021 535 1100
  • Flying Squad – Police 10111
  • Lifeline 021 461 1111
  • Mountain Rescue 021 948 9900
  • Sea Rescue – NSRI 021 449 3500
  • Tourist Assistance – Police 021 418 2852

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